Residential Overlooking Frosted Window Film

Do you have overlooking issues with your residential new build? Well we have the solution for you!

The installation of a quality frosted window film by our professional team is a cost effective way to meet Victorian overlooking building regulations before you next building inspection.

Victorian overlooking regulations state that windows within a certain distance and at a certain angel, cannot look directly into an adjacent properties windows that contain habitable rooms or onto secluded private open space. 

Scheduling for these works takes place once there has been a builders clean, so give us a call and book in your installation to avoid failing your next inspection. Simply get our team to professionally install frosted window film up to 1700mm above the finished floor level to all your overlooking windows.

We only use quality frosted window films which are produced by trusted manufacturers like Metamark frosted range, which is why we are one of Melbourne's favorite installers for all new build overlooking installs.

Metamark Frosted Window Film Range - offers an opal and etched glass effect with a smooth consistent finish to solve your overlooking privacy issues.

For more information about these products or to find out if it is the right window film solution for your project, simply email us at or call our customer service team today on (03) 9789 4455