Anti Graffiti Window Film

Are you sick and tired of window graffiti detracting from your beautiful shop front or office foyer? Do you have a graffiti problem in your area that’s costing you money? We are here to help!

All kinds of businesses face the ongoing graffiti problem, there are several ways in which windows can be damaged; scratching, etching, paint, markers and acid based products.

Our customers come to us for window solutions for these problems (and many more) as the continual damage is not only costing them money but also customers and leaving a bad impression with passers-by.

Our preventative anti graffiti products will save you money and time when it comes to dealing with such issues. We have a selection of window protection solutions available to make glass more durable and are easy to peel away and replace when damaged by paint, marker or scratching.

  • Protects from scratching and etching of glass surfaces
  • Is more cost effective and time efficient than glass replacement
  • Can be applied on counter tops, stainless steel, bus shelters, alucobond panels or any compact surfaces
  • Has excellent transparency qualities

This film is professionally applied by our experienced team of window film installers all over Melbourne. Our most popular anti graffiti window film product comes from Solar Gard a reputable and trusted brand.

Solar Gard Graffitigard film- is our most popular anti graffiti film, as it provides superior clarity to your commercial windows, with a removable adhesive to dramatically reduce the possibility damage upon removal and is backed by an excellent comprehensive warranty.

The removal of window graffiti in the traditional way can cost you thousands and is often an ongoing expense of cleaning, repairing and replacing. If you are sick of wasting time and resources, get a competitive quote on anti graffiti film Melbourne wide.

For more information about anti grafitti window film and our preferred brands, simply email us at or call our customer service team today on (03) 9789 4455