Custom Computer Cut Safety Decals

Want to stand out from the pack? Then custom computer-cut safety markings and decals might be the window solution for you.

All Film Solutions will work with you and your team to create unique custom computer-cut safety markings and decals for your project.

Computer-cut safety markings and decals are created and installed by our professional team in a range of finishes for commercial businesses, retail outlets, office spaces and builders through out Melbourne.

Custom computer-cut glass and window decals provide compliance with the Australian Standards and the Building Code of Australia, whilst having the added benefit of decorating a commercial space, celebrating your brand and enhancing a buildings architectural design.

Safety markings and decal benefits
  • Comply with relevant Australian standards
  • Satisfy the Building Code of Australia (BCA)
  • Achieve compliance and reduce the risk of injury
  • Celebrate your brand and incorporate logos and corporate colours

Computer-cut in our Melbourne factory to create a stunning visual effect, custom cut safety markings and decals are a great way to make large areas of uninterrupted transparent glass noticeable; a requirement for most public buildings and some residential dwellings.

Safety markings and decals are required when internal and external glass walls and doors have the potential to cause injury if unnoticed.
These quality products look great and comply with Australian Standards and the Building Code of Australia (BCA)AS1288-2006 and AS1428.1-2009.
Our range of products are used by Melbourne's best builders and designers to ensure new builds meet the current safety and accessibility standards while achieving a stylish and modern look.
For more information on our custom printed safety markings and decals simply email us at or call our customer service team today on (03) 9789 4455