Specialty Window Film

All Film Solutions are just that, a one stop shop for all your window film needs!
Our selection of specialty window films are a great way to utiilise and transform your glass walls, partitions and windows into a practical surface or an architectural feature.
Our specialty window film range consist of the following
  • White board and black board window films that are Ideal for the office, kindergarten, school, classroom, hospitality venues.
  • Block-out vinyl window film is available in a wide range of colours to create privacy and security
  • Transparent coloured window film come in a range of colours to add a little fun, style or a wow factor to any space
  • Dichroic window film is like a prism of colour and light with the colours changing as the viewing angle changes
For more information about our specialty window films and our preferred brands check out the categories below or simply email us at info@allfilmsolutions.com.au or call our customer service team today on (03) 9789 4455