Computer Cut Frosted Window Film

Create your own unique look with custom made computer cut frosted window film. 

Digitally cut frosted film can be installed by our professional team to create the look of patterned and custom designed sandblasted or etched glass for a fraction of the price. 

This striking window film is transformed in our Melbourne factory with the use of high quality computer-cutting with a range of graphics, patterns or your unique corporate logos and designs.

  • Commercial office space and retail store branding
  • Subtly separate different working spaces
  • Decorative and graphic designs with added privacy
  • Retain natural light and architectural building design

Whatever your needs, we can offer high quality custom window frosting film solutions of different styles, colours and designs at affordable prices.

Our most popular range of computer-cut frosted window films is the Metamark frosted window film range, which, offers an opal or etched glass effect.

Frosted window glass graphics provide a smooth, consistent finish to create a stunning visual effect as well as the element of added privacy to any room. Digitally cut or printed, the Metamark Frosted range is a versatile and long-lasting way to enhance your space.

For more information about these products or to find out if it is the right window film solution for your project, simply email us at or call our customer service team today on (03) 9789 4455