Commercial Privacy Frosted Window Film

Commercial buildings and retail spaces are often designed to maximise natural light and create an organic flow of traffic from the outside world. Whilst this looks great and feels natural it does not suit all businesses or meet their privacy needs.

Frosted window film is a great solution to commercial privacy challenges when there is simply too much clear glass in your working space. This type of glass window film is a cost effective way to achieve privacy, retain natural light and enhance your space with a classic etched glass look without he hefty price tag.

Frosted window film can be installed to cover the entire glass pane from top to bottom to maximise privacy with a full coverage approach. However if this level of privacy is not required for your space a more cost effective style is a 1200mm or 1600mm frosted film band, with a gap at the bottom and top to allow for more light and ample connection to the outside world.

Frosted window films are available in a range of colours and finishes, some of our most popular frosted window films are the Metamark frosted range, Arlon etched glass range and Avery frosted window films. 

Metamark Frosted Window Film Range - offers an opal or etched glass effect with a smooth, consistent finish to create privacy that is a versatile and long-lasting.

Arlon Etched Glass Frosted Window Film Range - this frosted film has elegant look of  etched glass, this quality vinyl product is ideal for interior and exterior applications on windows, mirrors, partitions and displays. 

Avery Frosted Window Film Range - provide the option to create stunning frosting effects on glass windows, doors or mirrors. These films are outstandingly durable for outdoor weather, ensuring no shrinkage when applied to an outside environment. The impact strength and stability of the films is like no other.

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