Apartment Complex Solar Window Film

Need to your improve energy ratings? Want to protect internal furnishings without changing the buildings exterior appearance?

Then Spectrally Selective Solar Window Film is the right window film solution for your project. This exciting technology offers an almost invisible shield to protect against the sun's damaging heat and harmful UV Rays.

Traditional style window films can often change the look of your windows as they are dark in colour and generally reflective in appearance, creating an unwanted change to the architectural design of your project.

Our new range has little external visibility, making it the perfect option for your architectural new build. These professionally installed window film products enabling you to enhance the living space and buildings eco status without interfering with the design and look of your project.

One of our most popular Spectrally Selective solar window films is the Ultra Gard Vortex Range, which features the finest in nano-crystal ceramic technology. Providing maximum ultraviolet protection and selectively controls heat producing Infrared rays while preserving maximum natural light.

For more information about these products or to find out if it is the right window film solution for your project, simply email us at info@allfilmsolutions.com.au or call our customer service team today on (03) 9789 4455